How to


Regular analogue clock. Child has to read the time from the clock.

What is the time

The child’s task to find out the time from the clock and click on the numbers below to input the time. For example, the clock shows the time 10:00, the child clicks on a card with number 10.


In this game your child practices his/her fine motor skills which are needed when operating the computer – double click. Double-clicking the mouse makes the smiley laugh. This game does not work on touch devices.


The task of the child is to buy things chosen. Every thing costs $1. After clicking the wallet child is at the checkout. At the checkout child has to pay for the items. For example, child will choose four things in the store – you have to pay $4 – 4 clicks on the coin, and then confirm the purchase by clicking the green button.


Child takes care of Piggy. It may be ill, dirty or just bored. Child is clicking on buttons by Piggy’s expression or by text above Piggy. It is also necessary to water the flowers. When the flowers are wattered and Piggy is happy, they can go for a walk, where Piggy jumps over the ball. Child calculates how many balls must be jumped over, clicks on the card and Piggy returns home.

Select color

The task in this game is to select the image according to the background color – blue is sky, brown is chocolate, black is night …


This game is for the child and parent/teacher/assistant. Assistant chooses the color and the child has to say, what color was shown on the canvas.


The screen displays the character and image, the child reads the letter as shown: C – car, F – flower …


In this game you can write on paper. The child may write alone or parent / teacher / assistant dictates what to write.

First letter

By the image child writes letter into the textfield. Image is apple, child writes A.

Colorful memory game

Play a memory game with colors.

Numbers and sweets

Child counts the candies and by clicking on a card expressing their number (five candies, press card 5). Candies are grouped in rows by color – you can sum it up: three green and two red candies are a total of five.

Which is the Piggys house?

In this game the child must choose which is Piggy’s house: small Piggy – small house.


Play puzzle. You can choose difficulty from 2×2 up to 8×8. In the puzzle there are two sets of images – a) set and b) set.

Thread the beads

Pull over beads by the template. If you make a mistake, you can remove the bead by clicking on it.


In the calendar, you can write an events or see what day it is, what day will follow or what date it is.

Left and right

Decide into which side things are going – left or right?


Which ladder is longer? Answer by clicking on the longer one.

Geometrical shapes

Assign geometrical shape to the picture. The options are always mixed.


In this game you can practice vocabulary and reading. Bind pictures with words. Click the button to submit the answer.


The child can draw shapes, letters or other images. The pen thickness can be adjusted by clicking on the black circles. Press the X button to clear the screen.

Flip the letters

Make sure the letters are written correctly. In this game, some letters are flipped. A letter that has a gray background can be flipped. Fix and flip all the letters and click OK to confirm the answer.

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