Educational tool for children with special needs and learning difficulties

Reading, writing, color recognition, fine motor skill, logical thinking and other important skills can be taught using Pinf Hry.

Features of Pinf Hry

  • Simple

    Using Pinf Hry is simple. Thanks to our minimalistic and intuitive design, children are able to use Pinf Hry themselves.

  • Customize it

    Pinf Hry can be easily customized and adjusted to child's needs. Just pick the right settings and child can learn new things!

  • In your language

    You can use Pinf Hry in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian and Portuguese.

  • Great selection

    You can find more than 25 edu-games focused on various topics in our offer.

About Pinf Hry

Pinf Hry is didactic teaching game that helps kids with special needs and learning difficulties (autistic disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and various brain dysfunctions) to learn how to write, read, think logically, recognize colors, expand their vocabulary, do the math and other practical skills. This game package is available in multiple languages and it represents an entertaining way of teaching children. These unique didactic games are a great help for kids, teachers and also parents in schools, facilities or even at home.

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Feedback from our users

"We feel very comfortable with good readability and variability of Pinf Hry. With these games any client can learn, improve their memory, reinforce their perception and boost up their logic thinking. These games adapt to their needs, so the users apprehend them as entertainment rather than an educational tool, all the more reason for using this didactic tool with enthusiasm."
DSS Impulz

Frequently asked questions

People with autistic disorders, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, learning difficulties and various brain dysfunctions. They can be used at home, in schools and organizations specialized for people with disabilities.

Color recognition, reading, writing, counting, sensitive motor capabilities, logic thinking, learning to tell time, recognizing geometric shapes and many more.

It is individual. Games are intended for children, but they can also be helpful for adults with learning difficulties.

They have been developed focusing on user’s needs featuring a simple graphic interface, user-friendly mouse or tap control with zero disturbing animations or ads.

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